13th August 2014 – Upper Itchen Walk

This walk was to support my project, of many years, on a photographic survey of the River Itchen. I was aiming at looking at the upper reaches of what is the Cheriton Stream. In 2014 I lived in Winchester and so I drove over and parked in the village.

I proceeded to walk the path from Hill House Lane to Cheriton Mill and along the way I looked at the river as it passes under fencing and its approach to the mill.

I photographed a beautiful building with a wood and flint wall and some barns at Sevington Farm.

I then returned to the village via the path which goes over the top giving good views towards the A272 at Cheesefoot Head. As the picture shows, it was a hot day.

Dropping down to Hill House Lane again and then to the village green and early parts of the stream.

I finished my trip to the source pond of the Itchen by the Kilmeston Road and to where it passes underneath the A272 at New Cheriton. As the image shows, the source pond is bone dry.

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