6th February 2021 – Cheriton Stream at Bramdean

With a sunny day I continues my survey of the Cheriton Stream with a walk towards the Bramdean sources.

So along Lower Lamborough Lane and down Hinton Lane.

Looking in a gateway at the field towards Bramdean, the amount of groundwater was very apparent.

The stream to the west was very full.

Walking towards Bramdean showed the lake that had been formed over the winter months.

The power lines over the hill formed an interesting composition.

A nice view across to Primrose Cottages.

Walking along the A272 saw the stream continue its way westwards.

Towards the Hinton Arms, clumps of snowdrops were well displayed in the later afternoon sunshine.

The path from the Hinton Arms to the B3046 over the stream was tricky with the ditches being waterlogged.

Crossing the stream by the footbridge shoed how full it was.

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