11th April 2021 – Planting & Riverside Maintenance

The CCVG group met again after many weeks of lockdown to carry out a long needed maintenance on the stretch of the Cheriton Stream (Bramdean section) as it leaves the village – just before Admirals Bridge.

The work consisted of:

  • Clearance of the relief drainage ditches either side of the road.
  • Removal of ivy and other pernicious plants on the drainage stream banks.
  • Continue the planting of wild flowers along the riverside banks. The plants were funded by the Watercress & Winterbournes Partnership Scheme and grown by The Butterfly Nursery at the North end of the village.

This was conducted under the watchful eye of Barry Frampton carrying his rake of office!

The images show the various aspects of the work.

Ditch Clearance


There was a robin who was very interested in the digging.

Here he is on a post.

Here on as shovel.

And here singing on a bush to a rival robin in the distance.

….and finally we heard the first Chiff-Chaff, a sign a spring!

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