25th April 2021 – Cheriton Stream

The work concentrated on river maintenance. The location was the field containing the two arms of the Cheriton Stream, namely from Kilmeston Source Pond and Bramdean.

The work was to clear dead branches and to begin the clearance of weeds in the river. The importance of the work is reflected in this image which shows the gravel bed which is perfect for the spawning of trout.

The weed problem is shown here, firstly the Bramdean tributary

and second that from Kilmeston.

Additionally, there was clearance of overhanging branches and of as tree bough actually at the confluence.

The weed clearance was to sever the roots in the river bed and lift them out of the water. Part of the group are walking upstream towards the A272.

This is the graft part of the work.

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