26th September 2021 – Preparation for Wildlife Pond

The wildlife pond is a project described elsewhere in this web site. However, the site is shown in this panorama:

The need for this pond is twofold, namely to provide a safe haven for wildlife and also to permit the management of the very upper part of the Cheriton Stream.

The stream begins in the source pond on the opposite side of the B3046. This photograph is of the relevant day and shows that it is pretty empty after the recent dry period of weather.

At the North end it is intended to flow under the B3046 in a culvert:

Barry parked up with all the tools required:

Scrub had to be cut:

The river bed was heavily clogged with vegetation:

With a lot of effort this was being addressed:

The culvert also needed clearing:

All in all, the beginnings of a major undertaking. All under the gaze of the locals!!

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