29th November 2023 – River & Riverbank Maintenance

On the opposite side of the road to the Source of the Itchen, the group cleared the river and the river banks to improve the flow of the river. This task is very important to the health of the river because it influences all the habitats along the entire river system.

Due to the Source of the Itchen, and the immediate area surrounding it (on the other side of the road) still being in a poor condition, this task has significance for future work. The field where the work took place is the location for our new project where it will be the home to rare breeds of sheep.

In consultation with the experts from the Watercress & Winterbournes Partnership Scheme we can start the planning of this, our new project. In this way it is hoped that they can see the potential benefits of the work the CCVG will carry out with the ultimate goal of significantly improving the stream in Cheriton.

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