The Bramdean branch has its origin in Bramdean itself. It first appears as a flow running along a channel between older properties and white railings by the A272.

It flows along close to the A272 in a deep ditch between the road and the surrounding fields.

It also is fed from water sources in the fields.

It leaves the edge of the A272 to flow in a channel across a field to the south of the A272

until they come together at which point the branch passes under a bridge to move to the north of the A272.

The channel then flows essentially westwards behind properties on the A272

and pass under a boundary edge to form another, and larger, pond in a field near Hinton Ampner.

It then travels across several fields as it flows towards New Cheriton to join with the Bramdean branch.

It then flows behind properties on the B3046

and divides and rejoins around an island until it passes under the B3046

to move into fields to the west of New Cheriton.

It then joins with the Kilmeston Tributary whence the combination runs along the B3046 until it passes under this road to flow along a channel behind properties in Cheriton itself to flow to the east of the green and eventually under Admirals Bridge.

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