This project is to install a silt trap (catchpit) at the junction of Lower Lamborough Lane and Dark Lane.

This work will be paid for by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

It will be managed by the Watercress and Winterbournes Landscape Partnership of which the CCVG is a member.

The work schedule is as follows:

Given the verbal information received, please see below our proposal. This proposal is open for comment and design change.

  • Prepare and issue Risk assessments and method statement.
  • SMR to accept the duties of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor under The CDM regulations.
  • Set up site fencing after road closure by others
  • Excavate a Pit 2 x 2m by 2.5m deep
  • Lay a 250mm thick concrete base using C30 concrete.
  • Set Two 1.5 m x 1m high precast concrete rings on to the slab
  • The Lower to be solid the upper perforated.
  • Set a “Cheese” onto the Rings with a 600 Access way.
  • Back fill with rejects (Large Stone) to the underside of the Cheese.
  • Set 4 Safety Kerbs in a North East South West configuration around the manhole/Access way.
  • Install a Carriage way grade Cast Iron cover.
  • Back fill with save Hard core.
  • Excavated Materials to be disposed of locally.
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