The Cheriton stream is the shortest of the three tributaries. Its origins are in a pond known as Geddes Pond. The pond does not have any water flowing into it externally, it is fed purely by springs. It is approximately 1/6th of an acre and has a base of gravel.

From this pond it then flows directly towards the village.

In this panorama of the Pond, the springs are to the right hand end and the outflow is the left end under the large yew tree.

It then flows a short distance to the village centre.

To get to the Green it passes under the B3046 by a bridge close to the junction.

and across the village green.

It then flows through the top part of the village green

until passing under the B3046 at which point it passes under a boundary wall to join up with the Kilmeston/Bramdean branch and become a single join with the main flow near Admiral’s Bridge.

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